Storage Units West Hartford, CT

At CT SELF STOR, you can choose from a variety of clean and competitively priced storage units conveniently located in the center of West Hartford. Our 5’X5’ (25 sq. ft.) and 5’X10’ (50 sq. ft.) units are perfect for students attending University of Hartford and Central Connecticut State University who need to store their dorm rooms between semesters. These entry-level sizes are also ideal for medical professionals and law and accounting firms who need additional storage space for documents and archives or those in needs of commercial storage.

Storage Units West Hartford, CT


  • Size

    Unit Price



  • 5 x 5

    Unit Price$64.00

    Small walk-in closet

  • 5 x 10

    Unit Price$84.00

    Large walk-in closet

  • 5 x 15

    Unit Price$109.00

    Furniture from a small 1 bedroom

  • 10 x 5

    Unit Price$89.00

    Large walk-in closet

  • 10 x 10

    Unit Price$134.00

    1 bedroom house with appliances

  • 10 x 15

    Unit Price$194.00

    Furniture from a 2 bedroom house

  • 10 x 20

    Unit Price$234.00

    3 bedroom house with appliances

  • 10 x 25

    Unit Price$284.00

    Furniture from a 3 bedroom house

  • 10 x 30

    Unit Price$314.00

    3 bedrooms house with garage

Our spacious 10’X30’ (300 sq. ft.) units accommodate household items including furniture and appliances but are also well suited for businesses looking to store extra inventory or documents. If you own a business, self-storage can provide a cost effective way to store your expanding inventory.

Whether you own your home or are renting an apartment or condo, you can count on our Storage Units West Hartford, CT for the additional square footage you need to make your life more organized and run a little smoother. 

To learn more, please see the full list of features we have to offer you today.

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